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Water needs skilled professionals

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Water Infrastructure - Water Technology
Managing Water Supply, Wastewater and Rainwate

What do water technicians do?

Water technicians monitor, assess, maintain and repair water infrastructure- infrastructure that serves people, industry, agriculture, ecology and energy production. Water technicians also prevent urban and rural areas from being flooded. They monitor water and solve problems in emergencies such as floods, droughts and water contamination.

Where do water technicians operate?

Water technicians operate water facilities and water supply systems. They carry our domestic connections for water supply and sewage disposal. They work in sewers, sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment plants.

They may work for industrial and agricultural water users to ensure that water is produced in the quality and quantity needed and that it is returned to nature in good quality. 

What do water technicians need to know?

Water technicians need to understand ecological systems, especially the water cycle. They must have mechanical, biological and chemical skills to ensure proper waster and wastewater treatment. They must also have interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork and stress tolerance.

What are the responsibilities of water technicians?

Water technicians are able to maintain pumps, repair water leaks and water meters. They conduct daily tasks such as measuring water flow and water quality. They also evaluate control systems and perform standardized electrical repairs. They are able to handle measuring devices such as sensors and photometers. 

Additionally, water technicians are trained for emergency situations such as unexpected pollution, rainwater, floods and droughts.

These pictures show the work and the duties for water technicians 

(Copyright: Rüdiger and Jonas B. Heidebrecht, Germany, 2017)

1. Water Technology Training in Germany took place in April 2019 with 19 participants from 8 countries

The 1st Water Technology Training Camp for the new skill „Water Technology“ took place during four days  in Esslingen/Stuttgart in April 2019. Worldskills Germany and DWA organized this Training Camp. Support was given from FESTO and Adiro. Due to the good response the next training will be in 2020.

1. Water Technology Training Camp in Esslingen/Stuttgart/Germany - 4 days training for Worldskills Kazan 2019

Learning from Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017 - Understanding Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wordskills Abu Dhabi 2017
 "Water Technology"

In 2017 the first try was done among countries: 
Brazil, South Africa, Iran, Russia and Germany. 
Within 4 days the participants showed their skills in the new field of "Water Technology".
Iran won, second was Germany and third Russia. It was a great learning experience for the participants and for the experts as well. The expert from Singapore joint and learned. 

Worldskills Brazil 2015

In Brazil FESTO showed the skill for the second time with 5 teams.

Worldskills Leipzig 2013 
"Water Technology"

In 2013 the first test of the new skill was done in Germany with 10 Teams from German Cities.