USA - Operators Challenge since 30 years

During the annual WEFTEC the Water Environmental Federation is organizing a great challenge for operators. This takes place either in Chicago or in New Orleans.
Great show. Steve Harrison from WEF is doing that job. 

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The Netherlands - Pipe Tapping

During the RAI Amsterdam every two years the Pipe Tapping event takes place. Lady Teams, Manager Teams and Local Teams 

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Egypt - Water Skills Egypt

It started with an GIZ Project and now every two years the Water Holding Company conducts skills competitions in water in Egypt.

Jordan - Water Skills Jordan

in 2017 the GIZ supported the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) to conduct the first skills competition.
The winner travelled to the iFAT Munich competition.
They also learned from the Worldskills in Abu Dhabi.

Brazil - FENASAN Operators Challenge

Since 2014 the skills competition during the trade show FENASAN in Sao Paulo, Brazil takes place. The Association AESabesp is the organizer of this event.

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1. Pit Latrine Challenge in Zambia
The challenge idea spreads around and has good impact. In Zambia 28 participants participated in this first challenge. Borda took the idea from our IFAT WaterSkills activities. It is great to see, that the idea spreads around and is adapted to new areas in the water sector. 
In South Africa a further challenge is planned.