WorldSkills Shanghai 


The Registration is open. We are looking for minimum 9 countries to join the Water Technology skill #55.

First Online Seminar 

The first Online Seminar was on September 9th. This was for Beginners.
46 Participants from 16 Countries joint this Webinar. Hubert Romer explains the basics to understand Worldskills as an movement towards better TVET.
Rüdiger Heidebrecht explained the start of the "#55 Water Technology" Journey stared 2013 during Worldskills Leipzig in Germany.
Rodrigo Zawadzki explained the tasks and how to learn and compete.

See for more information about the next Online Seminars.

General Layout of the Tasks in skill #55

We have to tell a story. Water Technicians work in the infrastructure - in Water Supply and Wastewater. The days shows this work places. 
The work covers several skills - also this is shown in the skill.

Water Infrastructure needs skills technicians - in future this demand will increase. We need clean water for life and industry and after use we have to give it clean back to nature.  

Worldskills Kazan, Russia 2019

The new skill "Water Technology" was excellent presented

Be a Water Technician

Thanks to all competitors, experts, sponsors and supporters. 

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It was a great competition!

Thanks to the 11 young competitors. China and India got Gold, Bronze went to Singapore.
Korea, Germany and Vietnam got a Medaille of Excellence.
The new skill  „Water Technology“ is established. Many new countries showed interest.
The next event will be in September 2021 in Shanghai.

Training on „How to create my own national water skill competition?“ will be offered 
by DWA and Worldskills Germany with their Partners FESTO and Adiro in summer 2020 in Germany.
We have to motivate also more local talents and we have to motivate workers who are already working for many years. Finding young talents and motivating our existing staff is the duty for good managers and trainers in the water sector.